About Us

LEGAL EXPERTS INDIA is formed in the year of 2003 at New Delhi by Mr Samar Inam Khan who is Chairman of the firm.

We are a full-fledged law firm in India, based at New Delhi having a presence at Bangalore, Uttarakhand, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai. Our lawyers offer international expertise gained on high-profile, multi-jurisdictional transactions with deep local roots, the result of many years’ experience. They advise on some of the most innovative and complex transactions in the region, many of which are market firsts. Over the years we have also built strong relationships with local law firms, Strategic Partners, Patent associates and key agencies and regulatory bodies.

Whether we are handling corporate, Patent, Trademark, Arbitration, Business Consulting, banking, project finance, capital markets, funds and real estate transactions or dispute resolution matters, we use the best of our technical and international expertise and local knowledge to find practical ways to help our clients achieve their business objectives.

Our Bangalore office is headed by Mr Siddartha S. Ramachandra and it has grown into a major force in the region in the same manner our other associates and strategic partners are doing,  Our team of resident partners and associate lawyers, including multilingual speakers, have experience in working on some of the largest, most complex and unique transactions in the region for a variety of high-profile clients.

We advise numerous Companies on a wide variety of matters, including drafting.

Although we work in all spheres of law though we majorly work in the fields of Arbitration, Intellectual Properties like Trademark and Patent, Matrimonial matters, Business Consulting, Cyber Law and Corporate and Commercial Transactions.

Our team of dedicated professionals possesses a thorough knowledge of the legal framework and deft negotiation skills. The innovative solutions that we provide to our clients are a blend of technical expertise and commercial pragmatism. Our absolute commitment to delivering results has helped us to create a niche for ourselves in the mindscape of our clients.

Meet the Team



Founder and Chairman
Advocates, Solicitors & Arbitrators

Founder Chairman of Legal Experts India represented developers, owners, institutional investors, companies, firms, with extensive experience in drafting and negotiating with full range of commercial agreements required for different projects regularly, worked for the settling up and foundation of a company, deeply involved in the setup the of a company with prior agreements between the individuals, advising as to how the company will start working and as to how the initial compliances will be done, settling up the core team with the Directors as to how company may focus on its foundation and achieve its milestone. In gist to create a company in a way it may work smoothly and hassle free.

Appointed as Arbitrator by multiple Companies and Individuals in Hundreds of cases.

Expert of Cyber Law, IP Laws, Matrimonial Laws, & Arbitration & ADR Laws.


Siddartha S. Ramachandra

Strategic Partner

Siddartha S. Ramachandra has acted as a member of national counsel teams in major products liability and personal injury and motor vehicle case. He is experienced in all aspects of civil litigation, including discovery, class actions, motions practice, settlement negotiations, arbitration, trial and appeal also has extensive experience in managing large scale cases in various jurisdictions. His primary practice focuses on Arbitration matters, Consumer disputes, civil, criminal, property & suit for recovery litigation at both the trial and appellate levels. Represented clients in regulatory matters before various agencies including representation of businesses or entities in the entertainment, agricultural, food production, educational and research spaces whose operations involve products or services.

Legal Navigation

Strategic Partner

Legal Navigation is a firm based at New Delhi which deals in criminal cases, trials and appeals, they are smart & aggressive, lawyers, before being strategic partners, they were direct associates of Legal Experts India.

Ayyubi Law Practices Advocates & Solicitors

Strategic Partner

The Firm Headed by Mr. Fuzail Ayyubi, Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India. The Practice areas of the firm are Constitutional Law, Criminal Laws, Civil Laws, Corporate Laws, Drugs & Physiotropic Substances Law, Direct & Indirect Tax Laws, Family Law, Immigration Laws and International Tax Laws

Antima Bazaz & Associates

Strategic Partner

Ms. Antima is Practicing Lawyer at the Supreme Court of India deals in Criminal Cases, Corporate Cases, Debt Recovery and Service matters.

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