Law-Ed by Lawyered proudly launches India's first-ever mix of Practical and Theoretical certification on International Trademark.

Are you wondering what will you learn?

  • Nuances of International Trademark
  • About World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • Application under Madrid Convention and Trademark

How will you get?

  • Premium content
  • Free Study Material in the Study Bin Section
  • Live Lectures with the Industry Experts
  • One-on-One Mentoring with the experts.

Still, wondering what benefit will you get?

  • Course Certification
  • Guaranteed Internships and Jobs in the field of IPR.

Benefits do not end, we will be increasing them with our ongoing partnership with Domestic and International organizations.

COVID OFFER JUST FOR YOU TILL 10th MAY 2021 - 1799 INR 799 INR ONLY for the whole course.

To access the course:
Download the Law-Ed by Lawyered (Click Here) or visit: (Click Here)

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